Highway Department

Joseph Flores, Highway Superintendent

Contact Information
Phone : (518) 532-7878
Cell : (518) 569-7878
Office Hours :
Monday – Friday: 6:30AM to 3:00PM

The role of the Highway Superintendent is to effectively manage the Highway Department’s assets in personnel and equipment, and to provide for adequate vehicular and pedestrian safety in maintaining the town roads located in the Town of Schroon. The key activities of importance are as follows:

  • Snow plowing and sanding
  • Road re-surfacing and grading
  • Pruning and removal of trees along town highway roads that represent a threat to safety
  • Installing and repairing culverts
  • Digging and maintaining ditches
  • Removal of debris in ditches and on town roads caused by weather-related events
  • To provide for proper channeling of road and storm water runoff