How Do I…?

This page will assist you with navigating the Town of Schroon’s website and help you find whatever you may be looking for. When in doubt, use the search bar located on the home page.

How do I apply for a permit?

All permit applications available for online download can be found under the Forms section located in the top navigation bar. Any application not available there must be obtained in-person at the Town Clerk’s office.

Where can I find more information about this application process?

Every document in the Forms section is organized by the department, board, or facility responsible for it. Each of these also has a corresponding page on the website which may contain additional regulations, ordinances, or resources to assist with your application.

Where can I learn about local businesses and attractions?

This website is principally dedicated to municipal government and facilities in the Town of Schroon. If you wish to learn more about businesses, events, tourism, etc., please visit the Chamber of Commerce website located here.

I can’t find something from the old site!

All information from the Town’s old website has been brought to the new one, but it has been reorganized and in many cases updated. Keep in mind that most menu items have sub-pages.