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Town of Schroon Public Hearings
TOWN OF SCHROON Notice of Public Hearings and Legal Notices
 2/14/18 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TOWN OF SCHROON NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there has been presented to the Town Board of the Town of Schroon, New York, on February 12, 2018, proposed Local Law No. 1-2018, titled, a “LOCAL LAW TO PROVIDE FOR AN EXEMPTION FROM REAL PROPERTY TAXES FOR REAL PROPERTY OWNED BY VETERANS WHO RENDERED MILITARY SERVICE TO THE UNITED STATES DURING THE “COLD WAR” in Accordance with New York State Real Property Tax Law § 458-b.” Said Local Law, if enacted, will extend the initial ten (10) year period of Resolution #78 of February 23, 2009 for an indefinite period of time and will provide veterans of the Cold War with a real property tax exemption within the Town of Schroon. The full text of said Local Law is on file at the Town Clerk’s Office at the Town Hall located at 15 Leland Avenue in the Town of Schroon for inspection by all interested persons. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Town Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed Local Law at the said Town Offices on March 12, 2018, at 5:45 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at which time all persons interested will be heard. 12/18/17 LEGAL NOTICE Please take notice that I, Patricia J. Savarie the undersigned Collector Receiver of Taxes of the Town of Schroon, County of Essex and State of New York, have duly received the warrant for the 2018 Tax Year. I will collect taxes Monday – Friday from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. at the Town Hall, Schroon Lake N.Y. Taxes may be paid 30 days from the postmark without charge of interest. Taxes remaining unpaid thereafter are subject to a 1% penalty in February; 2% penalty in March; and 3% penalty in April until the 30th of that month. Taxes are returned to the County Treasurers Office on May 1, 2018. Patricia J. Savarie Tax Collector