Despite a fresh layer of snow, the first floor walls have been poured. Backfilling of the foundation and site grading is being done in preparation of ground floor.  The plumbing contractor is installing the sewer lines today.
Backfilling of foundation is complete.  Sewer lines are in.  Workers were on-site yesterday preparing box forms for when the concrete flooring is installed. Unfortunately weather is not cooperating so we are on-hold for the time being. 
We are having a traditional North Country winter this year which means that our building project is on-hold but will resume once the weather improves. Hopefully the end of March or the beginning of April will see some improvement.
4/13/17  Great news! Work has resumed on the expansion project.  The general construction company is on-site getting ready to finish-up the foundation work.
4/19/17  Foundation work is moving right along, much of the block work is near completion. Floor slabs for the ground floor will be arriving next week.
Town of Schroon Town Hall Expansion
Update:  the town expansion project is moving foward.  To date, site preparation has been completed and we expect intallation of footings to begin in the next few weeks. 
Update: the forms for the footings are being built and installed. Concrete should be poured sometime this week.
Town of Schroon                      Established 1803          15 Leland Ave PO Box Schroon Lake NY 12870         Phone:518-532-7737 Fax:532-9474 Office hours 8am to 4pm M-F
Over the past few years the Town Board has been exploring various plans to provide additional space for the Library and the Town Court.  This includes providing the space in other buildings and/or expanding the current town hall.  In 2016 it was decided that an addition to the current town hall was the most feasible. 2016 Expansion: follow the progress:
 11/29/16 Footings are in and the forms for the walls are being built.  Concrete first floor walls are expected to be poured this Thursday.