Zoning Board of Appeals

Town Committees

The Town of Schroon requires several independent committees in order to execute various government functions.    These committees include the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Planning Board and the Board of Assessment Review. Each member commits to a 5-year term. The members of these committees are appointed from the community. These are largely volunteer positions.  The members of the Board of Assessment Review receive compensation based on number of hours spent on their duties.  
Town of Schroon -Town Committees
Robert Yoeckel 12/31/21 Richard Schoenstadt 12/31/22 Richard Dumoulin 12/31/23 Randy Garrison 12/31/22 Jon Halliday 12/31/25

Planning Board (5 year Term)

Glen Repko- Chairperson 12/31/24 Duke Connor 12/31/24 Bruce Murdock 12/31/25 Jane Jenks 12/31/24 Alan Decesare 12/31/21 George Velesko - alternate 12/31/21
Jack Boyea - Chairman 09/30/24 Laurie Bruce 09/30/21 Lynn Donaldson 09/30/23

Board of Assessment Review

Ethan Thomopson Fran Williford Donald Miller Matt Curren John Frear

Sewer and Water Committee

James Chadbourne - Schroon Lake NY 12-31-22 Albert Maday - Horicon, NY 12-31-21 Tom Luciano - Chestertown, NY 12-31-20 Jim Maday- Horicon alternate 12-12-21 Vacant- Schroon Lake alternate 12-31-22 Kim Frazier - Chestertown Alternate 12-21-20

Schroon Lake Park District Commissioners

(three year term)

Marion Weaver, President 12-31-23 Joseph Provoncha, Vice President 12-31-22 Laura Donaldson, 2nd Vice Pres. 12-31-25 Anne Durkee, Co-Financial Officer 12-31-25 Julia Chippendale, Co-Financial Officer 12-31-23 Diane D’Amico, Secretary 12-31-21 Kathy Granger, Corres. Secretary 12-31-23 Joan Lawless 12-31-21 Laura Dewey 12-31-23 Mark Laplante 12-31-23 Betsy Ross 12-31-25

Schroon Lake Public Library Board of Trustees

 (5 year Term)
(5 year Term)
(5 year Term)