Town of Schroon
Town of Schroon: Local Laws and Ordinances
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Index of Town of Schroon Ordinances
#01 Public Dock & Property Ordinance
#02 Bingo and Games of Chance Ordinance
#03 Junk Dealer Regulations Ordinance
#04 Disposal of Garbage Ordinance
#05 Open Container Ordinance
#06 Private Sewers and Drains Ordinance
#07 Snowmobile Highways Ordinance
#08 Zoning Ordinance
#09 Leash Law Ordinance
#09A Leash Law Ordinance- Amended 6/12/95
#09B Leash Law Ordinance - Amended 2/11/2008
#10 Individual Sewage Disposal Systems Ordinance
#11 Parking Ordinance
#12 Unsafe Buildings Ordinance
#13 Sewer System Rates Ordinance
#13A Sewer System Rates Ordinance - Revised 11/13/2000
Town of Schroon Local Laws
Anti-Litter Law
Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Law
Claims Against Town (Civil Action)  Law
Defense of Town Officers and Employees Law
Dog Control Law
Environment Quality Review Law (SEQR Law)
Fire Prevention and Building Code
Flood Damage Prevention Law
Four Year Term Elected Officers Law
Hawkers, Peddlers and Solicitors Law
Planning Board Rules and Regulations
Planning Board Rules and Regulations Temp Print
Prior Notice Law
Publication Notice with Brief Description Law
Retain Elected Assessors  Law
Separation of Recycleables  Law
State Records of Local Laws on File
Water District Rules and Regulations